Welcome to Montana birdhouses

All of the birdhouses we offer are made by hand in our workshop here in northwestern Montana. Most of them are solid Cedar, while a few have a plywood structure and an applied outer veneer. Even the shake shingles are individually cut-to-fit and installed!

If you are attempting to attract birds that are not listed here, please let me know. We will build a house for your specific variety of bird! We are always looking to add additional houses to our inventory.

For additional details and specifications of the birdhouses below, just click on the one of your choice. Here is a link to a matrix where you can compare all of the birdhouses.


A-Frame Birdhouse

Barn-Metal Roof

Barn-Shake Roof

Bat Roosting Box


Colonial Salt Box

Covered Wagon

Grain Elevator

Horse Barn, House & Feeder


Lighthouse w/ solar light

Log Cabin

Log Cabin, Deluxe


Octagon-Flat Roof

Octagon-Peak Roof


Pileated Wood Pecker

Robin Nesting Box

Roost House



Smoke House

Tobacco Curing Barn


Wood Duck Nesting Box

Wren House, Carolina

Wright Wren House